Thursday, November 21, 2019

Data Collection Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Data Collection - Coursework Example inesses collect data in order to, analyze their performance, know their number of clients, understand customers characteristics and behavior, conduct the market share, and have a succinct projections of the future performance of the business amongst others. Therefore it is one of the core elements within the research and development unit of a business. During our sixth lesson (organizational performance measure), we analyzed four main performance measures which includes; input (resources required in carrying out a program), process (cost of resources per the unit of the expected output), output (work completed or the services provided by the injected input), and outcome which is the whether the customer needs and the program objects are met). In providing an expanded discussion on data collection, the paper will adopt the input performance measure. Input refers to the amount of the resources that is either required or available to produce an outcome and output. It is usually expressed as the amount of funds that is needed for an implemented of a program or project. They facilitate the creation of an output. They include the equipment, cost of labor, utilities, building space, supplies, materials and overhead among others. The measures of input give information on resources such as the financial budget and the people that are available in the execution of various processes that delivers an output. This is a type of data collection used in assessing the performance of the organization. They are also used in the organizational capacity perspective by the employees. It is one of the fundamental ways in obtaining factual data and information on the changes in status and clients behavior especially after they have completed a service. Before an input is ordered for the completion of a particular task, it is important that a survey is conducted so that the best is obtained to facilitate the goal achievement. The objectives can only be achieved when the best inputs are

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