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Stereotypes And Racial Profiling On Society s Perception...

For decades, Americans have been associating young black men with stereotypes that affiliate them with violence. These stereotypes, which are based purely off of appearances, have caused many young black males to face violent, unnecessary, as well as unjust encounters with white police officers. As the number of deaths among young black men increase because of police brutality, society should change how they perceive these men in order to prevent inflicting more harm to them. Specific cases, such as the cases of Freddie Gray, Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, and several others, will be presented in order to display how the distortion of the stereotypes can cause incredible harm to young black men due to police violence in addition to how stereotypes affect society’s perception of all young black men. Stereotypes, culture, and racial profiling all contribute to the way society recognizes and behaves towards certain social groups. Black males are often stereotyped as more aggressive and dangerous than white males who exhibit similar, or even greater, aggressive behaviors than them. Unfortunately, the stereotypes of how young black males pose a greater threat than people of other races originate from multiple sources such as the way the news and media portray them and even in the kind music derived from their culture, such as rap and hip-hop music, because of the violent and foul language present in them. Lisa A. Harrison and Cynthia Willis-Esqueda, psychologist from the UniversityShow MoreRelatedMedia s Influence On Society1811 Words   |  8 Pagesworld with a media saturated culture. This is the era of digital news services, of 24-hour news channels, free newspapers, and even media based applications. For the majority of us, the way in which we learn about the world outside our personal perception is through the consumption of news, mainly still through broadcast or print (OFCOM 2007). Various forms of media has fed the public statistics that created a sense of stereotyping for each particular race. For example, the media and those on filmRead MoreRacism And Its Effects On Young Black Males3146 Words   |  13 Pageshad a powerful negative force in society. There have been many efforts made to relieve racism. Racism is still present in America, although many people are doing their best to put a stop to racism and its somewhat devastating effects on young black males in society. â€Å"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.† (Lee) The negative stereotypes and racial profiling that Americans hand down from generationRead MoreA Color Problem in a Post Racial Nation Essay1637 Words   |  7 PagesIt appears that the color of your skin whether it be black, white, brown, red, or yellow doesn’t matter in America anymore. One might assume that this statement is a plausible one, given the fact that we have a male â€Å"African American† president, and America is now considered to be a â€Å"Post-Racial Nation† (Rush Limbaugh, 2010), where skin color is no longer an inhibiting factor. The truth of the matter is that race has most certainly played a significant factor in America’s history since the earlyRead MoreThe Concept Of Post Racial 1952 Words   |  8 PagesPaper Draft The concept of â€Å"Post Racial† America is certainly a preposterous idea that does not exist. Different degrees of racism is seen throughout the U.S, however regardless of the intensity, racism has and will always exist. Americans belief that we live in a society where racism no longer exist is a serious impediment on the progression of America. The first problem with modern racism is living in a color blinded society where people believe in post racial America. The second is our humanisticRead MoreStereotypes And Stereotypes Of African Americans1909 Words   |  8 Pagesstereotyping. Stereotypes are cognitive structures that contain the perceiver s knowledge, beliefs, and expectations about human groups (Green). Stereotypes have been proven to affect young adolescents. Media depicts African Americans in stereotypical ways that negatively affect self-esteem, therefore all media outlets should display African Americans in a more realistic and rational way. The type of prejudice that affects African Americans the most is based on racial grounds. Racial stereotypes are â€Å"constructedRead MoreThe For The Home Office3173 Words   |  13 Pagesdifferent academics such as Omi and Winant (1986) who developed the Racial Formation theory, a theory that claimed that race is something that is fluid, where the racial order is organized and enforced by the continuity and reciprocity between micro-level and macro-level of social relations (p.67), which suggest that race is determined by how we interact with others and the social structures and common ideologies of a society (p.66-67). Whilst anthropologists follow a different discourse of raceRead MoreRacial Profiling And Native Americans2187 Words   |  9 Pages Racial Profiling and Native Americans Keith A. Kuhn Criminology 410-005 9 October 2014 Introduction When you hear the words â€Å"police racial profiling† your mind may automatically jump to images of white cops stopping young black men in expensive cars, the Rodney King beatings, or even the Rev. Al Sharpton giving a deposition about racial tensions. This is because those images are the hot-button, go-to stories that media often bombards the six o’clock news with. As Americans, weRead MoreA Cross Cultural Perspective Can Enrich Our Understanding Of Classic And Current Research3379 Words   |  14 Pagesdiscrimination, stereotypes, if you can name it this race has experience it but the big question is why and how did these negative biases develop. There are a lot of myths out there about black people but, which ones are actually true. Over the years, the African American community has been overwhelmed with myths that just continue as the years go on. At some point, people need to ask themselves,† How can all black people be lazy if they’re all extremely athletic? Or, how can all black people spendRead MoreStereotypes: Black Men are Prono to Violence1705 Words   |  7 PagesPeople from black communities are undoubtedly overrepresented in the forensic mental health system, this anomaly is impacted heavily by the fact that the system seriously disadvantages black people within their remit (Narco, 2007; Department of Health, 2003). African-Caribbean people are more likely to receive coercive forms of care, spend longer in hospital and experience greater rates of transfer to higher security facilities (NIMHE, 2003 cited in Vige, 2005). Figures show that, at each heightenedRead MoreAmerica s Post Racial Racism Essay2072 Words   |  9 PagesRallying Germans to action required conditioning via propaganda. Propaganda in all forms of media helped radically shift the German perspective, not only to identifying themselves as superior to all other races, but also to viewing non-Germans and non-Eastern Europeans in subhuman ways with devast ating results. While America has done away with distinct, polarizing forms of racial propaganda in its seedy history of racial oppression, more subtle yet equally damaging forms of propaganda have taken its

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