Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Interest to UC Berkeley MBA program Free Essays

Interest to UC Berkeley MBA program is out of careful evaluation of MBA program in different colleges. I have had a personal experience at Berkeley campus in 2003 when I tried to find out the location of the campus. I happened to meet some MBA students who told me a lot about the program at Berkeley. We will write a custom essay sample on Interest to UC Berkeley MBA program or any similar topic only for you Order Now It was a very joyful and the good impression of Berkeley attracted me most from the Business weekly journal I happened have a view of the programs on offer and I happened to compare the various Berkeley MBA degree programs. From Berkeley’s website, the MBA program will give me innovation skills and enhance entrepreneur spirits. This will greatly improve my professional growth and development. I need to work on my knowledge of Accounts in junior high school and improve my ability to be a qualified graduate accountant. The Taiwan MBA forum I happened to develop a powerful feeling and realized that Berkeley MBA program will be a right fit for my career advancement. One of the Berkeley old students introduced the program to me and made me realize how much I could gain from schooling at Berkeley. The field experience given to MBA students international will provide me with necessary skills for my effectiveness and efficiency in production. I also have a number of relatives schooling at Berkeley society community. These are people who are used to the environment and know the place better. In conclusion, Berkeley MBA program will enhance my career, provide one with innovative, entrepreneur skills, give me a global exposure in business skills and is located at a good environment with good weather. I therefore don’t regret applying for Berkeley MBA. Conant E (2004) How to cite Interest to UC Berkeley MBA program, Papers

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