Friday, October 18, 2019

Are Writing Deficiencies Creating a Lost Generation of Business Essay - 1

Are Writing Deficiencies Creating a Lost Generation of Business Writers - Essay Example Quible and Griffin (2007) explore most prevalent reasons for writing deficiencies. Based on their research, Quible and Griffin (2007) recommend solutions to the challenge of writing deficiencies. They propose three major approaches to addressing the challenge. First, they propose the modified context-based approach. Second, they recommend the glossing approach. The third proposal to addressing the challenge is the rules-based approach. Because of the necessity to have employers who are competent in oral and written communication, businesses meet various costs in upgrading such employees. American firms spend as much as 3.1billion dollars annually in making remedies for the writing deficiencies among their employees (Quible & Griffin, 2007). The move is justified by the need for businesses to keep a pool of employees with good writing skills to boost their competitiveness. Success among employees, among other factors, relies on effective communication skills. Consequently, communication deficiency among employees may cause losses to businesses. Businesses organizations that have employees with writing deficiency experience communication breakdown. In situations where there is writing deficiency, business clients find dissatisfaction in service delivery. Quible and Griffin (2007) cite a report by the NCW in their research. According to the report, students in schools lack essential communication skills due to writing deficiency. The research shows the students are today less effective than fifteen to twenty years ago (Quible & Griffin, 2007). The ineffectiveness resulted from teachers’ failure to teach standard grammar as evidenced in the report. English teachers focused on promoting context-based approach as they showed Traditional School Grammar as they termed it ineffective. Consequently, businesses fail to get a generation of good writers. According to Braddock as cited in Quible

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