Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Cherrie Morag Heroes And Saints Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Cherrie Morag Heroes And Saints - Essay Example Heroes and saints represent horrible epidemics of incurable diseases birth defects among other problems that a small farming town faced; this was caused by the spraying of a pesticide that resulted in a great suffering among the people. These Political injustices arose in the American system of governance. The play seeks to sound a message to the present people that they should not count on other people, to bring changes, but should demand the help. People must learn to come together, and fight for their basic rights. This can only be achieved if the oppressed come together, and in one voice demand, their rights and this will lead to the eventual attainment of happiness and liberty. The race takes precedence in the play, once one was recognized as a Latino he or, she was taken to have a sort of disability. Race and disability are both identities that are interstitial and simultaneous. In this play, Moraga makes use of disability as a metaphor and phenomenal frame for economic oppress ion, gender, and racial discrimination. Felipe Franco is a character used by Moraga in this play, the mother to Felipe worked in the fields poisoned by pesticides when she was pregnant, due to this Felipe was born with no limbs. Here, what is seen is the use of disability put forward in lived reality and used as a metaphor dissipating oppression. An environmental justice group identified race to be a very powerful factor when it comes to the public’s exposure to toxicity. Pesticides tend to focus on the female reproductive system resulting.

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