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Peer Evaluation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Peer Evaluation - Assignment Example In Las Vegas, Nevada, mental illness has turned out to be a bid issue (Wray et al., 2008). There is increased risk of suicides in children aged 10-17 years. Hence, a health promotion health proposal aimed at reducing the suicide risk in the children from 16 per year to 10 per year before January 2016 can be proposed. 2. Describe the vulnerable population and setting. Studies conducted indicate that depressed individuals suffer some risk of committing or wanting to commit suicide (NIMH, 2010). Another study conducted on individuals that visit Las Vegas indicates visitors may commit suicide in the event of financial stress. In Las Vegas, adolescents and children number stressed has increased over the past years. It is estimated that a total of 16 adolescents and children committed suicide in 2011 (CDC, 2012). These generally resulted from family arguments, bad relationships, sexual orientation problems, rape, school problems, law problems, and drug abuse (NIMH, 2010). 3. Evidence-based interventions Available literature associated with prevention and treatment of mental health offer promising solutions on combating the illness plus curbing suicide rates. In an article from a mental health journal, one article proposed the use of PCPs (Primary Care Providers) in early identification of individuals at risk. Usually, it is estimated that 70 % of individuals with health insurance visit their PCP’s at least yearly, hence this might serve as good screening grounds for individuals at risk and those with mental illness. This method is only advantageous for insured individuals, but for uninsured people who lack access to health care providers, screening might be a problem (CDC, 2012). Another health promotion program that has shown success in the past is mental education (CDC, 2012). In this case, the community is educated regarding mental illness and provided with some of the major signs and symptoms to keep watch. It is important that sign/symptoms of depression be taught as it is a common phenomenon is suicide victims. These health educations should be aimed towards the rightful target population. In as much there are many mental health facilities, usually a small percentage of people benefit from it (, 2012). Mental health education can be limited with the issue of little resources and personnel to conduct the rigorous exercise. The target audience in such case should more entail students, parents and teachers. Education hence should try to focus on providing warning signs to the target population and people around them (, 2012). Based on the assessment of an identified need in the community, the goal of reducing the suicide rate from 16 to 10 by the year 2016 is realistic and attainable. Utilization of a readily available PCP resource makes the process of screening and treating insured individuals facing mental health concerns simple (NIMH, 2010). By offering education on mental health resources as early as elementary school, students, parents, and teachers are equipped with information as well as warning signs that can be used to potentially save lives (CDC, 2012). 4. Select an appropriate health promotion/disease Mental illness and suicide Theoretical Framework: Figure 1 5. Propose a health promotion program using evidence- In an attempt to reduce the suicide levels to 10 from 16 a year

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